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Joining Nia classes with Saffire has totally transformed the way I move, and challenged me in ways I never would have imagined. The energy and vitality he brings to classes (not to mention some pretty awesome dance moves) is truly inspiring, and over the months I have seen the uplifting effects of Nia mirrored in all aspects of my life. While I have always loved to dance I soon realized that I always moved in the same way, and without any real awareness, which was incredibly limiting. Being confronted with my own lack of coordination, and the thrill of overcoming it has been revelatory and extremely gratifying, but Nia is so much more than just a dance practice. Its about freedom of expression and regaining a sense of child-like playfulness, its about creating a fun and safe space to really explore movement and through that, to experience the pure unabated joy that comes from truly dancing like no one is watching. Whether I am shaking and shimmying out the tensions of my day, empowering myself with my newly discovered grace and sense of rhythm, or relishing the bliss of switching off my mind and surrendering to the music, I always come out of class feeling centered, alive and incredibly grateful to have Nia with Saffire in my life.

~ Allison Elizabeth Bone

There simply aren’t enough adjectives available to describe what an incredible gift Saffire and ‘Dance Into Being’ are to the people that attend each class. To even call it a class doesn’t quite seem right, as the space that is created through each meeting is so much more, and feels completely sacred. It is such a soulful journey, moving through a dynamic dance that touches on so many areas for expansion, inspiration and deep healing. Saffire holds a powerful yet safe space to allow for complete surrender and beautiful expression throughout. No matter what the level of confidence, skill or coordination there is no assessing of these things, instead time is spent getting lost in the connection to self and in turn the effect that has on connecting to others. Saffire is truly there for each and every person, supremely aware of the energies of both the individual and the group, ensuring ease, joy and comfort is infused into every moment. I carry the amazing effects of each class with me long after I leave the studio and know this has a profoundly positive effect on many areas of my life. Keeping me open, flowing, creative, grounded and joyful until the next time I am able to experience the sheer pleasure of dancing into my being. 

~ Georgia Lee


Dear Saffire, can I ever thank you?

I am writing to you with all my heart for complete gratitude of introducing me to the gift of Nia.

The day I met u at Desa Seni was like an Angel had literally materialised right in front of me. 
It's a moment I will never forget...

I will forever remember the spoken words that were...unspoken and through this connected moment something whispered to my soul...

When I took to my first Nia class something moved me, something moved through me,
my body lit up
its a moment I will always remember...

After this amazing experience my soul began speaking to me..I had to find my way back to this...
Nia now became a whisper calling to had now became a song.

Nia has opened a door for me that has called my name & I feel like I am coming home...
I have honestly longed to connect with beings who speak my language...and I have now been blessed with a whole community.

~ Katie O'Malley Smith

As a dedicated yoga practitioner and teacher I have always thought of myself as being open to the variety of yoga classes on offer but at the same time always steered around the ‘dance’ classes at yoga studios, thinking of it as being airy fairy…I was introduced to Nia by my boss, on my second day  in my new job! what an introduction, not only to my new role but also to the world of Nia. Saffire has carved out a distinct place for himself and nia in the yoga community in bali. Breaking down barriers between the yoga and dance community. His enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Working with mainly female students he holds the space beautifully to allow you to let go and move without fear of judgement and into your full expression. I think every yogi should have nia as a compliment to their practice. It takes you out of routine and into creativity. It allows you to move off the mat and dance like no one is watching!

~ Rachel

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