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About Saffire



My work centers around first creating a deeper sense of embodiment, self empowerment and self expression through the use of sound and movement together. It is very freeing and opening while being deeply self-revealing. We create music together, dance together, allow ourselves to see and be seen by others, work with the transition from neutral to activated space, and the energies of transmitting and receiving. We also work with pulse, beat, and rhythm.  As long as we are each in relationship with the same pulse, we are in relationship with each other.  This is the essence of true community.


What's trying to happen in a sacred circumstance is ones inner nature, which you could also call the deep soul, is trying to break through, is trying to become conscious. All Spiritual, Sacred forms are forms in which the surprising, unique, and unusual is intended to occur. As soon as the outcome of the ceremony or the religious practice is predicted, it has stopped being magical and has stopped being truly spiritual. As soon as the outcome becomes predictable, which usually causes the behavior to be predictable, the Spiritual has already departed. That the Spiritual by its very nature is a unique presence. We can only meet it, join it, find it by bringing the unique qualities of ourselves out. All meetings with the Sacred are encounters with Power.


Spirit means Power.


Sacred means place of Power.


~Micheal Mead

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