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Dive Deep - Fly High 


DiB Vocal Jam                
Saffire DJs Synthesis      
7:45-10:00, 10:00-11:00



FRIDAY, Nov 6th

EcoSexy Poetry Salon and Open Mic    
Featuring Saffire Bouchelion and Karen Hery and possibly one other poet.


Dance into Being


Speaking Drum/Embodying Rhythm




World Rhythms Drumming Workshop







Dance into Being creates a deeper sense of embodiment, self empowerment and self expression through the use of movement, sound and rhythm. We discover our personal styles, reclaim play and cultivate by creating music and movement together. We see and are seen by others, working with the transition from neutral to activated space.  We transmit and receive. We also explore pulse, beat, and rhythm. When we are in relationship to the same pulse we are in relationship to each other and community is created. 

As a professional percussionist I have a deep understanding of and respect for the power, and potential, of Rhythm.   In this class you will learn rhythms from different parts of the world, how to Embody those rhythms, and to recreate them with your voice, you hands, and your feet.  The Shaker Series is another very fun, creative and empowering way to learn and create with rhythm.  This course is appropriate for all levels of rhythmic awareness, especially those who feel that they "don't have any rhythm".  We may learn some traditional rhythms and parts as a foundation but the goal is ultimately to create "Jams" that are cohesive and integrated.  To learn how to harmonize YOUR authentic rhythmic expression with that of the group. Rhythm is a language, learn to let is speak through you!

Come and explore the wonderful pulse of rhythms from around the world and more deeply experience how the drum and their rhythms unites all people and all life around the world.  feel free to bring pairs of shakers and any/all hand drums to this event.  We will not be utilizing stick style drums for this workshop.

-Please bring hand Drums and pairs of shakers
(We will be unable to utilize Native American Medicine Drums for this class)
  • $30 1 workshop pre-registration 

  • $40 per day for two Saturday events 

  • $50 pre-registration both workshops

  • $60 per day at the door of the workshop

  • $20 Sunday drumming workshop

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